Boost Gauge Vs. dash display

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Wed Jul 31 23:09:10 EDT 2002


    Just thought that I'd add some personal experience to the question of
dash-display boost accuracy.  I've got an autometer gauge mounted on the
steering wheel and am able to compare it directly with the dash
display...Some interesting differences, I was amazed.  I noticed that while
slowing, I sometimes saw 0.2 Bar on my display, but usually saw 0.4.  After
installing the aftermarket gauge, I noticed that regardless of the dash
display reading anywhere from 0.2-0.4 Bar, the Autometer gauge consistently
showed 21 - 22 inHg.  At first I thought that it must be the gauge sticking,
but nope, it moves upon even mild throttle input.  Same is true for boost,
the dash sometimes says 1.5 all the way to the occasional 1.8, but the
autometer gauge always reads 11-12 psi.  Curious eh?  I know I can't explain
it but it may be good news for those who are not sure if they are making full
boost...the dash gauge (atleast on my car) seems pretty darn screwy.

Adam Chinchiolo
'91 200q20vt

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