Nissens Radiators

Steve Hackett sbhack at
Wed Jul 31 23:32:15 EDT 2002

I have located a source for the 60437 radiator.  I have a person in the
U.K. who I get a lot of parts from for a French engine that I have in
my boat (6cyl turbo diesel).  He quoted me $297.50 each for less than
6 and $272.70 each for 6 or more.  Shipping would add some to this
of course.  The exchange from pounds to dollars doesn't help our price
(believe me, I know.... ).  I'm would be making nothing but would be
willing to put it together if nothing else pans out.

Steve Hackett

1991 200q20v
1997 A6q Av
1988 5ks Av

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