200q20v still not starting...Hall sensor testing?

Ian Gall bh10422 at binghamton.edu
Sat Jun 1 18:19:16 EDT 2002

I've just replaced the distributer  for the same problem, the plastic
gearing broke nicely while driving. I'm curious if there is any damage that
can occur? Problem is now that the car has a _very_ hard time starting
(takes between 20-30 minutes to start), easier when hot tho. before distrib
gearing went the car had no problems starting in any condition.

Ian Gall
200q20v 1.6 bar....running....barely.
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   I had nearly the same problem you are having about a month and a half ago
except in my case the car just died on the onramp.  If you are getting a
hall sensor code it could very well mean that the infamous drive gear for
the distributor is broken.  That's what happened to me.  The car would crank
but never catch.  I obtained a new entire distributor from a list member,
but if it is just the gear i think you can purchase a metal substitute for
the flimsy plastic original.

Adam Chinchiolo
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