Mechanics in the Hartford CT area

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I wanted to add my 2 cents regarding mechanics in this area.  I have owned =
many Audi Quattros over the past 17 years and there is only one worth going=
 to, or at least the only one that I trust.  I have tried Dynamic Auto in C=
anton and they are terrible.  I had filed a complaint with the MVD and won =
a case against them.  I can give you more specifics privately.  Automobile =
associates are better but they couldn't diagnose a couple of problems that =
I had on one of my cars and inevitably had to bring it to my trusted favori=
te, who is Roland at Fathers and Sons in West Springfield.

I try to use them all of the time but once in a while it has been unavoidab=
le and that is when I find the lesser shops.  When Roland has worked on my =
car, the work was completed 100%...this means 100%, not 90%.  In other word=
s, the problem is resolved.  Because of his knowledge and experience, he ha=
s always beaten the estimated time which keeps the costs lower.  Make sure =
that he does the work,though, because they have another mechanic who is OK,=
 but not Roland.

As far as body work goes, an associate of mine, Scott Obermeier of Colour K=
raft, is THE GUY to contact if you want to know what's been done to the bod=
y=2E  He can be reached at (860) 643-1258.

I'm sure that there are a lot of decent mechanics to do preinspection, but =
let's be honest, if you pay the best for an hour or so of their time, you'r=
e not going to find everything.  If anyone wants, I have a list of things t=
hat I check out whenever I look for a Q.

Happy shopping.


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