Headlights...of the European kind

Audi Sport themercedesbenz at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 2 04:32:20 EDT 2002

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I have finally lost patience with my DOT POS headlights and I am looking to
get some European Audi 200 headlights. I have a few questions. First of all,
what is the best possible price for one of these headlights? I work at an Audi
dealership and they say they can't get European parts even if I have the part
numbers. Is this true for all the Audi dealers in the states? Are any of you
on this list curently living in Europe and could find out for me how many
Euros an Audi 200 headlight goes for? And one last thing, what exactly do I
need besides the actual headlights and the wire harness in order to
successfully convert to European lights? Do any of you have the part numbers
for all the stuff needed?

Thanks to all of you in advance.

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