running hot - CHECK THIS FIRST

Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Mon Jun 3 13:35:45 EDT 2002

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If you remove the plastic shroud in front and on top of your radiator, you
can look straight down and see the resistor block.  It should be blue, it
will have three posts, and attached are three fairly heavy gauge wires.  It
is attached to the unit body box section with two Phillips head screws.  When
it's bad you will usually loose your low and middle fan speeds.  It is not
repairable, and costs nearly $100 from most of the popular suppliers.  There
has been someone on ebay auctioning aftermarket versions of these off pretty
cheap.  I picked one up for $15, but haven't used it yet.  I'm sure I'll get
the chance someday!!

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