0.0 bar / faulty ECU pressure sensor

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I sent the exact request back in April, copy below.  One reply.  No answer or
thoughts.  (My fuel injectors need replacing as engine needs to crank over
and get assist from the gas peddal to start.)  Could fuel injectors -seals-
worn and in need of replacement be a source of this 0.0 bar on the dash
-Scott in BOSTON
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Normally I see 0.4 off throttle. Lift from highway speed, I get 0.3 lowest,
however I have on occasion noticed it will indicate low by about .2 bar
throughout the range. Car runs the same. Next time I drive it, it's back to
normal. Don't have a clue as to why.

Gary Martin  CT-USA 94 UrS4 91 200 TQA
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> Quick question:
> I always watch the (turbo) boost gauge while driving.
> While driving 1000 miles last week the (turbo) bar gauge showed 0.0 and
0.1 for the first time, while in 4th gear going down a step grade (7%?) for a
> short period.
> Usually, lift throttle on the highway from 80 MPH, gauge will go to 0.2 /
0.3 bar.
> Did I see signs of troubles ahead / maintenance needed or is 0.0 within
> specifications for the range displayed while the engine is running?
> Side bar info:  The alt belt (loose) had slipped from time to time during
the journey (8v-14v and the abs off light activated and the battery symbol on
the dash lit up) BUT NOT during the event described above.  MPG ~23
> -Scott in Boston
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