H&R 29800 and Bilstien Sports opinions

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 3 14:24:16 EDT 2002


Plush? I have that setup and it is far from plush- the springs are quite
stiff, takes quite a bit of force to really compress the springs.

As for handling, I don't think I'd want the car to be too stiff in the
would make the car tail-happy, unless that's what you want. My car can
4-wheel drifted in sweeping turns in autox, would be similarly driftable
at the track if you pushed it that hard.

Biggest problem I have is the body roll- even with the Bilstein sport
H&R springs the car rolls like a big boat when pushed hard. Only thing I
think of to combat this would be to put a large front anti-roll bar on
the car
and a rear bar to combat the corresponding understeer.

I think the shocks are more of a problem than the springs- the shocks
need more
rebound damping so the ride doesn't get ridiculously jiggly on short
bumps- our
A4 w/ H&R coilovers rides better in that regard, although the shorter
makes the car less comfortable, but the shock damping is much better in
that setup.


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