Fuel Check valve / 0.0 bar / faulty ECU pressure sensor

Mihnea Cotet c_mihnea at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 3 11:57:58 EDT 2002

> Isn't the fuel pump check valve integral to the
> pump?   Unlike the external
> check valves atop the pump on 10-valve Type 44's.
oops, maybe it is... I didn't actually know the 20v's
fuel pumps were THAT specific... Anyway that was just
a suggestion, and I don't think the injectors could
cause 0.0 Bar on the display... Maybe Scott should
replace the injectors seals and see if that makes some
change, but an easier way to discover the culprit
would be to hook up a vacuum/boost gauge and see if it
follows the dash display's delirium...

Just my 0.02,


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