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Mon Jun 3 15:47:40 EDT 2002

At 10:38 AM 6/3/2002 -0600, Brian Link wrote:

>My sunroof switch light is randomly turns on and off.  Always turns on when
>I use the switch.  Does anyone know weather it should be lit all the time?
>  or do I have a bad connection.
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Switch construction is similar to the window switches.
Given that it turns on when you use (i.e. apply pressure ) to the switch, I
think you will find that one of the leads has either broken it's solder
joint (switch contains an LED and a resistor) or broken it's lead.

Either way, fix should be as easy as opening the switch (removing switch
assy, popping out the rocker part of the switch, then disassembling switch
base by prying with multiple jeweler's screwdrivers at the same time,
touching up solder joint, then reassembling)



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