H&R 29800 and Bilstien Sports opinions

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I'm currently running:
Front Eibachs spec'd for the 200q20v
Rear H&Rs spec'd for the V8q
Koni yellow adjustables.

Will be at Lime Rock Wed/Thurday with NEQ, will report back...

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Subject: RE: H&R 29800 and Bilstien Sports opinions
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Thanks for the reply Taka,
I think I was a bit surprised by the amount of body roll with the H&R's.
As I said I have stiffer rear springs on my 20v and the body roll is much
less.  I am starting to think a rear roll bar isn't really necessary, maybe
just stiffer springs in the back will make a big difference in reducing
body roll without making the ride too much worse.   I wonder if the optimal
set-up would be a H&R kit with the 200 20v front springs and the V8

Neither my stock front eibach rears or the H&R's both with Bilstien sports
seemed underdamped over bumps (my bumps may differ from yours).


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