ECU Chip Upgrade

Mike & Beth Vitrano av1058 at
Tue Jun 4 03:49:58 EDT 2002

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Need advise/recommendations before I "chip" my 91 200 20v. Chris is not a f=
an of TAP, but their 2 chip with stiffer wastegate spring (80 hp increase) =
@ $475.00 is hard to resist. My 20v has 208000 miles and is original and ap=
pears to have been taken care of, but as I told Chris, I don't want to "hur=
t" the engine with too much hp. Has anyone used a TAP chip? IA wants $595.0=
0 for their Stage 3 upgrade with less hp, but I understand they have a good=
 reputation. Any feedback would be appreciated. Also, what is everyone's ta=
ke and experience with the K&N replacement filter (not the "cone").


Mike Vitrano
Mike's VW Service
Culleoka, TN

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