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At 02:49 AM 6/4/2002 -0500, Mike & Beth Vitrano wrote:
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>Need advise/recommendations before I "chip" my 91 200 20v. Chris is not a
>fan of TAP, but their 2 chip with stiffer wastegate spring (80 hp
>increase) @ $475.00 is hard to resist. My 20v has 208000 miles and is
>original and appears to have been taken care of, but as I told Chris, I
>don't want to "hurt" the engine with too much hp. Has anyone used a TAP
>chip? IA wants $595.00 for their Stage 3 upgrade with less hp, but I
>understand they have a good reputation. Any feedback would be appreciated.
>Also, what is everyone's take and experience with the K&N replacement
>filter (not the "cone").
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Anecdotally - there have been a number of folks with TAP chips on the 200
and S car lists with issues of stumbling at high RPM...
There have also been complaints of poor technical support.

Ned (IA) may cost more, but he also provides some of the best technical
support - and he contributes to the 200 and S car lists on occasion.
Scott Mockry may also be an option  - definitely check out his website
BEFORE chipping the car.

I joined a GP run by Chris Miller a few years ago and purchased a Lehman
chipset through Anderson Motorsports - I was happy with the results and
Ken's support - the other GP option was stage 3 or 3+ from IA - which Chris
has installed and is happy with.

That's the other option - decide on which chip you would like, then
organize a GP to help reduce the cost.

I currently have a TAP chip in my "new" second wagon, and depending on it's
performance, may have either Scott Mockry or Ned reprogram it if I run into
issues once I get the car back on the road.



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I agree totally,  The previous owner of my car had a tap chip and spring
installed.  I had surging problems under high boost situations.  I
installed a boost gauge and air/fuel gauge to trouble shoot.   on the boost
gauge I could see surging of +/- 5psi of boost.  On the airfuel meter the
mixture would go full lean at 12 psi with  partial throttle and would stay
lean until full throttle enrichment kicked in.  I checked and replaced all
the usual suspects:  throttle switch, multi temp, wgfv, o2 sensor, vacuum &
boost hoses, checked spark plugs, checked rotor, washed the car, no change
in performance. I finally broke down and switched ecu programs.  Now I have
more boost, no surging, better gas mileage.  The T*P chip was the problem.
  I kept the spring installed,  There is more boost earlier with it

Brian Link
Boulder, CO

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