ECU Chip Upgrade

TM t44tq at
Tue Jun 4 11:35:53 EDT 2002

Considering that you have not chipped the car yet, I strongly suggest
you do not get the TAP chips and spring but rather IA, Lehmann or
else- call up Anderson Motorsport, Euro-Car Service, 2Bennett or someone
similar for other options, just don't get TAP.

With that mileage, I'd definitely make sure you have gone through Scott
Mockry's ABCs of running high boost before you chip and make sure you
good compression- no use in chipping a car that isn't running right or
low compression.

Personally, I'd skip the K&N- too many reports of MAF contamination from
oil. While that may simply be an over-oiling issue, I'm rather
conservative about

Should you want a K&N for your '91 200q, please contact me directly-
I'll sell you
the one I have here for less than TAP or whoever. New in box, unused.


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