Relays and Euro lights

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Here is a little home grown experiment for you.  Put a silver spoon in a
glass of vinegar overnight and see what happens to it.  Absolutely nothing!
Epoxy is an OK sealant, but is not removeable.


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> Don't use silicone caulk (see relay cover idea below) as it releases acetic
> acid (i.e. vinegar) during the curing process and will cause corrosion on
> the contacts.  A 5 minute epoxy with micro-balloons (see your fav hobby
> store) is a better weather preventer.
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> Simple.  If I were unfortunate enough to live in Chicago, I'd put the relay
> package in a plastic bag, just like Audi does with the ECU to protect it
> from those that can't keep their drain holes clean.
> Bernie

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