Oil System Pressure

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Tue Jun 4 16:37:02 EDT 2002

10W-50 should be OK, even if it is M1.  There is always some internal
leakage in oil pumps, but nothing to worry about if you make good pressure
above idle.  You just have a loose engine, so full pump flow requires less
pressure, not to worry.  The red light and buzzer won't let you fall asleep
at the light.  DFI if IAB!


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> Yeah, unfortunately Bernie, its both.  The gage drops down to almost
> zero.  Usually when I hear the alarm go off, I am alarmed and hit the
> gas pedal pretty fast which brings the pressure right up.  I always have
> adequate pressure at higher engine speeds although it seems like it used
> to be pegged at 5 bar over more of the speed range.  This only happens
> on the hottest days after idling for a few minutes.  Maybe internal
> leakage in the pump?
> Pete
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> "M1 will do it every time", he said kiddingly.  The lube system only has
> an
> over pressure relief valve, at about 50 or 60 psi.  Does your
> "condition"
> alarm you or the low pressure warning system?  Low oil pressure means
> full
> pump capacity, unrestricted flow.  That's good.  Low pressure is good,
> no
> pressure is bad, watch for your idiot lights, not the gauge.
> Bernie

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