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Wed Jun 5 01:15:50 EDT 2002

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I'm trying a blue filter in a pinch this week.  Not as well made (to the eye
inspection) as the Mann I just took off, but see this slightly related
comparison of two filters I saw at the cheapie auto part store.  When I
looked into the Fram there was nothing there...........

myplacetostay.com and click on the Audi Rings..............
Direct link: http://www.avacationhomerental.com/MPTSAudiOilFilterComparo.htm

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200q20v-request at audifans.com writes:
> See, Orange to Black works!  It will work the other way too, just give it
> 50K miles first.   Bernie
> > I had an oil pressure problem, but not quite the same. I was only getting
> 2
> > bar at highway speed. Changed from a Fram filter to Mann and problem is no
> > more. 4 to 4.5 bar at speed, about 1.5 idling.
> >

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