Relays and Euro lights

Wed Jun 5 09:26:22 EDT 2002

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For a single rally, I have no doubt that the relays would work.  That doesn't
change the potential problems.  What really sucks in rallying, is winging
thru STPR (it's usually either a dust bowl or a foggy swamp) trails, changing
your light configurations around to get the best 'vision'.  A 5 dollar relay
failure preventing that?  Sucks.  BTDT 20 years ago.

IF you look at the factory prepped rally cars (even audis own), the relay
board is clearly labelled outside the dashboard, with easy 'swap' access by
the codriver.  A light relay failure causing a crash/dnf shouldn't be an
assumed risk in motorsports.

my .02

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Over 70 cars crossed a 40ft wide about 3 -4 deep river this last weekend at
Nights stages came everyone put there pods with no problems.
Most had them under the hood.


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