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You'll note on my original post on this thread that I
included the phone numbers to Eibach and to H&R.
Perhaps, someone else can have a try a getting the info
out of them.  Be prepared for their slyness though.

Initially, I was looking for some lab somewhere with a
spring rate tester.  Eventually, I found that Eibach -
in their Irvine, Ca facility - has (at least) one of
them.  But, "NO" they will not measure the spring rates
of springs AND they only will provide their published
specs on the springs they sell - ie., they will not
measure them to see what you have.

They did offer to make custom springs for me at about
$1200 each.  Oh yes, and they'd need the car for several
weeks.  (Well let's see, maybe if my name was Penske or

At the time, I wanted to measure each one of the four
sets of springs that I have:  stock 200q20v, Eibach-100,
Eibach-200 and H&R-200.  It became too much trouble.
(Although, if I had a load cell - say 1500# full scale -
I could probably use my hydraulic press....)

> So who is correct? The difference is about 30lbs./in. higher for the
> figures
> Martin posted.
> Taka
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> Some alternate spring rates shown here:
> http://urs4.com/technical/suspension.html#springs
> They don't all match up with Martin's listed rates.
> Chris
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