Benz/Sidman Strut Brace

George Sidman sidman at
Wed Jun 5 13:08:03 EDT 2002


The Benz/Sidman strut brace worked out really well. As you know, I
like to overkill the problem, so I used a half inch alloy bar which
was reverse threaded on one end. Using male rod ends to attach to the
struts, I had the frame shop bring the front end to your specs, then
set the brace with no loading. However, I cheaped out on the finish,
and opted for black trim paint instead of chrome.

The result, as you know, is more nimble and responsive steering, and a
much better overall road feel. Tire wear is uniform - there is no sign
of creeping sheet metal around the strut towers - all in all I
consider it a complete success. I had the brace out of the car for a
week while I was preparing for the heater box dance, and the lack of
it was notable. The frame shop guys are somewhat offended, but are
becoming believers, as they see tower damage on lots of other marques,
and strut braces more frequently.

Bravo for your design, your ever dry and kind comments, and continued
George Sidman, President
Monterey Network Center
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