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Oops- sorry, I had UrS on my brain when I posted this. I guess they
don't have them for the 200q20v.

2Bennett offers camber plates in their "coil program" coilovers, I don't
know if they sell them separately or not, I seem to remember that they


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Are you sure Euro-Car has these.  I contacted them about these a few
other products and the said the was never enough call for them - hence
they had none.  If this has changed, I'd like to know.  More
importantly, I'd like to hear from someone who is actually using this

Greg "Can't get negative" Johnson

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>Igor's mod merely allows you to relocate the mounting holes
>to get back to factory camber settings, which is precisely not what you

>want for track use. The Euro-Car camber plates allow for both, just at
>a much higher cost. For street use, the redrilling of the factory would

>be the way to go. If one wanted to use the car for street and track,
>then the camber plates I'm talking about is the way to go. There is
>enough room to go to -2.0 w/ the plates.
>Then again, E36s can go to -3.0 with a very similar suspension,
>although the exact design differs.

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