Joshua C smuckycat at
Thu Jun 6 10:34:38 EDT 2002

I am looking for some advice on buying bushings shocks etc...
For shocks I belive I want Bilstiens (based on others experience, plus I
have them in the Alfa and they work well)  WHo has the best prices?  I have
a 91 200 20v Avant, from what I understand finding rear shocks is a task.
Also shock accesories (strut bearings etc...).
While everything is apart I should replace my rotten bushings, including but
not limited to control arm/swaybar etc..(natural rubber/not poly)  Also I
would like to do the transverse links in the rear.  I am just getting all
the parts together and my mechanic is going to put it all in for me.  Also I
want to replace any harware that should be done in the
disassembly/reassembly process.

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