Fwd: //S Fest info, sorry...

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Thu Jun 6 11:08:39 EDT 2002

Ok guys...

Any fellow 200q 20v owners want to "crash" this east coast "S" car fest and
drink all of the beer before the smug S car owners???


Peter Schulz
1990 CQ
1991 200 20v TQW indigo mica
1991 200 20v TQW titanium grey
Chelmsford, MA USA
peschulz at cisco.com

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>OK, sorry again all, to use the bandwidth for our 'local' gathering.  As I'd
>mentioned before and now many of you have pointed out, the text on the
>invite was the BEST I could get it.  Though, I'm just reading it again now,
>and I can read about 98% without even trying, there are maybe a couple words
>that are questionable, but I can still read.  But hey, what with my 20/10
>vision and all (no kidding!).  And that stupid Spider Man trailer is still
>sometimes appearing as the sound bite.  Go figure.  Hope your version is the
>superwaycool race car noise, heh heh...
>Also, I had one so far say the link failed to work (?).  SO, here's a copy
>of the essentials for your reference.  Sorry about the 'inconvenience',
>whatever, hope this helps.  Also, be sure to check back to the site from
>time to time for updates, etc. (if you can read them, heh heh...).
>Here's the link, well, at least the link I use for editing:
>Here's the text version:
>Greetings fellow //S Freaks and other miscellaneous car idiots! Hope you can
>join us for a day of pointless and involuntary drooling over cars, food,
>COLD BREW, or any combination thereof... and bring your suit and towel and
>take a dip.
>200TQ's, UrQ's, or any 'interesting' cars are free to join us, as long as
>they agree to be subjected to ludicrous and unsubstantiated ridicule.
>Spouses / children welcome if it means the difference of you not being able
>to make it.
>A barrel of something curiously pungent will be offered to wash down low
>grade spoiled ground beef patties, poor quality hot dogs made from hooves,
>and various BBQ style side dishes we found in a dumpster; small donations
>For those interested, I have enough TENTS to hold about eight, or bring your
>own, and we can bonfire as appropriate. There is an autocross SUNDAY about ~
>15 miles West of Hartford, and is catered to bigger cars. $20 and a
>Call either the home # or my cell 860.490.9808
>(eight-six-zero-four-nine-zero-nine-eight-zero-eight) should you get lost,
>incarcerated, etc.
>The map is linked next to the address above, but specific directions are:
>84E or W, exit 68. Left off ramp if 84E, Right if 84W, onto Rt. 195. Through
>stop LIGHT to stop SIGN. Straight for 100 YARDS, fork RIGHT onto Tolland
>Green / Old Stafford Rd. Straight thru stop sign, ~ 1 mi, Susan Drive 1st
>RIGHT, 3rd on RIGHT, tan colonial w/ front porch. I'm TWO MILES from 84.
>***BEWARE CT State Piglice in laser equipped Crown Vic's, Camaro Z28's, new
>V6 Impala's, older Intrepid's, etc. with tinted windows***

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