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My bit's worth follows... is usually a good source for the shocks, if they have them in
stock.  I'm running Bilsteins w/factory springs in a Sedan and am satisfied
with the setup.  As to picking up parts, while this may be considered
slander, I recomend staying away from Blaufergnugen for two reasons; not
convinced their parts are the best value, and I conversely question the

When I did the work on my car (sway bar, control arm, and subframe bushings;
strut bearings; outer tie-rod ends; tranny mounts; shocks; and multiple
alignments) I didn't get as good of an end product as expected.  IE, while
the car was better after the work than before it, it wasn't as good as when
I first purchased the car.  I expected the later result.

Granted, this is only a hypothesis, but by my experience possible culprits
are ball joints (although no clunking is noted) which require replacement of
the entire control arm, inner tie rod ends (I believe they have rubber on
the inside mating surface with the steering rack), the steering damper, rear
end bushings, or low quality parts.  As to the last item (low quality
parts), the made in china stampings on all of the parts I picked up from
Blau did not give me confidence, and I am also getting strut bearing
clunking after 30k miles; the clunking after that many miles would seem
acceptable on an A1 VW, but not this car.  This list is basically all of the
suspension related consumables that I did not address.

As I haven't felt like spending the money to test the above hypotheses, I
guess they are just opinions at this time.  If anybody has input on this, as
unsightly as it may be, I'm all ears.

Derek P

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From: "Joshua C" <smuckycat at>
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Subject: suspension/bushings
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 09:34:38 -0400

I am looking for some advice on buying bushings shocks etc...
For shocks I belive I want Bilstiens (based on others experience, plus I
have them in the Alfa and they work well)  WHo has the best prices?  I have
a 91 200 20v Avant, from what I understand finding rear shocks is a task.
Also shock accesories (strut bearings etc...).
While everything is apart I should replace my rotten bushings, including but
not limited to control arm/swaybar etc..(natural rubber/not poly)  Also I
would like to do the transverse links in the rear.  I am just getting all
the parts together and my mechanic is going to put it all in for me.  Also I
want to replace any harware that should be done in the
disassembly/reassembly process.

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