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I didn't see the beginning of this thread, but the
critical requirements of an internal compbustion
engine lubricant are:

#1 cooling
#2 friction reduction
#3 cleaning



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> > I said principal use, not the only use.  If
> cooling were not an issue, a lub
> > system could be designed using only a pint.
> I'd say that at any given moment, you've got more
> than a pint sitting right
> under your valve cover, which would leave your oil
> pump dry.  I agree with
> your principle, however, that an engine could be
> designed utilizing
> significantly less capacity if the oil used were
> impervious to temp related
> failure.
> > metal parts does not break down oil, heat does,
> > and 95% of the heat that the oil is subject to is
> heat of combustion, not
> > friction.
> >
> > Bernie
> >
> Agreed... heat is the leading cause of oil
> breakdown.  But remember, you did
> say that cooling is the principle purpose of oil in
> the system, implying that
> its purpose is to transfer heat away from other
> objects/parts.
> If cooling wern't the principle use of oil in an
> >> engine, any engine could be fully lubricated with
> less than a pint.
> >>
> >> Bernie
> There is a difference between using oil as a
> "cooloant", and the need to keep
> oil temps under control to avoid thermal breakdown.
> Take care,
> Dave
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