200 Car Wheels / a little entertainment

Gary Anderson wanemardo at attbi.com
Sun Jun 9 21:49:25 EDT 2002

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My son was bored one night, and so was morphing cars for a while.
So he morphed (pasted) these wheels into my latest 200.

If you send a picture, am sure he would paste (morph) the wheels into a pic=
ture if you'd really like to see what they would look like on your car.

The Avus wheels were morphed from Leigh Anderson's urS4 in Oregon.

The bottom photo are my Moda M1's from the wreck, not currently mounted on =
the black 200, still running the stock basket wheels.  (The wreck is still =
under the blue tarp behind.)  And no, I don't have V8 taillights in the bla=
ck car, but does have ABT sport springs for the picture's lowered look.

Most of you will recognize the red "Sarge" 200 from a little while back.  H=
e worked over this picture pretty hard, as you can tell.

Thought this could be a bit of fun to show.
Gary Anderson in Sammamish WA
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[ morphed 200TQ.jpg of type image/jpeg deleted ]

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