brake piston retraction tool

maximum at maximum at
Mon Jun 10 06:18:47 EDT 2002

1. I have 5 Audi's that I can use the tool on
2. My wife and I both are high performance driving instructors and having
   the right tool "on-board" at track events is comforting
3. Pulling the trigger at $50 for this brand new tool on Ebay made it easier
4. Maybe I like doing my own work on the cars when I can
5. Attempting to place a relative value on another person's purchases is
   not only a fools game... (especially in a public forum)...but rude as well
6. My friends can also use it

Paul Royal aka 20RoT

> I guess a $100 +  tool for this task is OK, but if you can afford to pay
> that when a $10 tool will do the same thing, then why aren't you paying
> someone else to do the work while you just enjoy the ride?

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