[200q20v] Re: Replacing Crankcase breather hose.

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Mon Jun 10 11:17:08 EDT 2002


Was doing similar service to the 170 Kmile Titan grey wagon this weekend -
I took it a step further by removing the airbox/MAF.
found that the previous owner had at some point replaced the breather hose
- but in this case it appears that the flame arrestor was left out - is
there an acceptable substitute - (copper or SS scouring pad) or is it
recommended to get one from audi?

Also found that seal on the distributor  mounting bolt had been removed ( I
assume a new distributor) but of course the rotor was the wrong type ( wide
contact)  luckily I ordered a few of the correct rotors from ROd at TPC.

Also took the time to replace the heater valve ( I recommend this be added
to the items you listed - you'll never have this much room to work otherwise)

I think that I will also replace the very rusty steering stabilizer, too
(again - lots of room right now)


At 09:59 AM 11/9/2000 -0800, George Sidman wrote:
>My 2 cents on this issue comes from doing it more than once.
>I recommend removing the turbo intake tube (easy), the
>throttle body (10 min.), and checking all tubes, etc. out as
>you replace the breather hose. (This dis-assembly also makes
>distributor & plug wire work a piece of cake.) There is so
>much mucking around in back of the engine to get this job
>done right, with the added thrill of possibly damaging one
>of the vacuum hoses, that opening the area up really pays
>off. Don't forget to fish out the flash arrestor (a coiled
>wire) from the aft end of the old breather hose, and
>re-install it in the new one.

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