brake piston retraction tool

Johnny Alpha johnnyalpha at
Mon Jun 10 16:20:39 EDT 2002

Just goes to show how good the $7.00 tool is, it works on serviceable
callipers and can be thrown across the driveway several times. Try throwing
the VW/OOOO tool a few times and see what happens :-)))

Seriously now, if you want to wind back your piston to fit new pads/disks
every 10,000mi then the $7 tool is state-of-the-art compared to pliers, but
still requires a little concentration and skill (no offence intended). If
you like nice tools or change pads every couple of hours & have already
tried and failed with the $7.00 tool, then get the VW/OOOO tool. Just one
word of caution, make sure you have got original brake pistons 1st, as the
VW/OOOO tool does not fit the piston on my reconditioned calliper, the $7.00
tool does.



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Not a problem... if I can find my KD tool you can have it for $0.00.
Comes complete with the karma that comes from being sworn at and
thrown across the driveway a half dozen times or more.


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