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Mon Jun 10 14:18:53 EDT 2002

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Paul Royal: Great site:  Web layout much better than Zelenda Tools in NY.
but a quick look (strut removal tool for 5000/200) is ~$50 vs $99 at
May pay off to get zelenda catalog for comparison(s)
I have no interest in either company.

BRYAN:  I have a "cube" tool for disc brakes and would loan it to see if it
works, (I've never used it) but it sounds like we have to round off two of
the four "prongs" per : Kneale Brownson's post.
-Scott in BOSTON SuffolkD at

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> Paul Royal aka 20RoT
> Bryan Foster wrote   Listers,
> > What tool do you use to retract the rear caliper piston when changing
> > pads?

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