my rotor is bigger than your rotor

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Jun 10 16:17:14 EDT 2002

At 10:17 AM -0400 6/10/02, Peter Schulz wrote:

>  but of course the rotor was the wrong type ( wide
>contact)  luckily I ordered a few of the correct rotors from ROd at TPC.

The whole wrong versus right rotor is a bunch of horse whooey...IMHO :-)

I've been running the "wrong" rotor for several years and around 60k
miles, with two different chipped ECUs...and I flog the bejezus out
of my car.  Running stage III+ now, pretty aggressive chip.

There's the real-world evidence; the thinner rotor has been (for the
most part) "unavailable" for years....and there are probably hundreds
200q20v's running the "wrong" rotor...again for years(I would guess
that a survey of the list would find the majority, at least 2/3rds,
have the wider rotor installed.)  3B engine kabooms are pretty
rare...the only one I've heard of was Sarge, and there were other
issues involved the clouds of smoke on startup for a
couple days before the engine chewed itself on the highway.

Personally, I'll be following the Bosch guidelines...I see no point
in spending the extra time, money, or effort on finding the "thin"

Besides, "Wider is Better", right? :-)

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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