my rotor is bigger than your rotor

Peter Schulz peschulz at
Mon Jun 10 16:36:44 EDT 2002

Don't quite agree, Brett:

First of all - Audi/Bosch never really intended the distributor rotor on
the 3b be replaced on it's own - the whole unit is supposed to be replaced
- plastic gear and all.

Replacement distributors come with the narrow rotor - which challenges your
line of thought, too - if there was no difference, then Audi/Bosh would
then have stopped making the additional part variation just
increases costs for suppliers and manufactures

Scott Mockry recommends the narrow, rotor, too.

You are probably correct in that a mildly tuned engine can run with the
"wider" rotor - however - for the relatively minor price difference - I'm
not willing to risk it...I'll look for $ savings elsewhere.


At 03:17 PM 6/10/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>At 10:17 AM -0400 6/10/02, Peter Schulz wrote:
>>  but of course the rotor was the wrong type ( wide
>>contact)  luckily I ordered a few of the correct rotors from ROd at TPC.
>The whole wrong versus right rotor is a bunch of horse whooey...IMHO :-)
>I've been running the "wrong" rotor for several years and around 60k
>miles, with two different chipped ECUs...and I flog the bejezus out
>of my car.  Running stage III+ now, pretty aggressive chip.
>There's the real-world evidence; the thinner rotor has been (for the
>most part) "unavailable" for years....and there are probably hundreds
>200q20v's running the "wrong" rotor...again for years(I would guess
>that a survey of the list would find the majority, at least 2/3rds,
>have the wider rotor installed.)  3B engine kabooms are pretty
>rare...the only one I've heard of was Sarge, and there were other
>issues involved the clouds of smoke on startup for a
>couple days before the engine chewed itself on the highway.
>Personally, I'll be following the Bosch guidelines...I see no point
>in spending the extra time, money, or effort on finding the "thin"
>Besides, "Wider is Better", right? :-)

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