Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Mon Jun 10 13:55:19 EDT 2002

Hey all,

Did my annual autox refresher to keep my enthusiast card valid.  Went pretty
well; happy to say I got better times than the 540i at the same event, and
my time improved each run.  Hell, I was the fastest in the novice group, but
it's a good thing all the competition was driving Geo Metro's and Toyota
Tercels (actually not entirely true, there were some Hyundai excels as

Noticed that according to the local rule books, which I believe is based on
SCCA regs, the 5k and I guess by default the 200 is in the same class as the
current A4, the 185hp TT, and the S4 (didn't specify which one.  Has anybody
been able to be competitive with any of the above?  A 2.8 A4 with racing
tires was running about 4 seconds faster than my fastest.


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