my rotor is bigger than your rotor

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At 09:40 PM 6/10/2002 +0200, Eyvind Spangen wrote:
>On Mon, 10 Jun 2002 15:25:49 -0400, you wrote:
> >Brett-
> >You're only running approx. 18psi. When you go to RS2 turbo and
> >up the boost to about 22-24 psi, then the narrow rotor becomes an
> >issue. Cross-fire under high boost will kill your engine. That's why
> >I was toying w/ conversion to AAN spec, but it's too costly and
> >time-consuming.
>What is involved in converting to the AAN ignition system?
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Tommy Arnberg had posted this info into egroups (pre cursor to Yahoo Groups)
files are now "missing"

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Subject: [s-cars] S200 20V  Rocks

Hi  !

Yesterday the A200 20V was ready to rock with
RS2 ECU and factory SW. I have now driven first
180miles and with :)
- no problems yet

If you want direct ignition to A200 20v, buy urS4 - urS6...
-it is much easier to do so than doing the
cable loom conversions to A200  I did.

I´ll let you know how the 3B DI engine combo performs. One
thing is sure that the engine revving sound is
different in 3B Direct ignition
than in AAN based vehicles.

I wondered why and quessworked that the reason
might be the MUCH heavier flywheel and crank damper
in AAN ???

I think that the much lighter 3B
is much eager or hungrier for revs.  It is like a racing
flywheel to S4.  - So it seams and the car
is asking for more REV punishment. More to come later when
the engine has been driven in next 1000-1500 miles...


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