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There is absolutely no way that an S4tt is in the same class as the A4,
except in the case of Street Modified or Street Prepared classes- 2000
and 2001 rules had the S4tt in A Stock, A4 was in E Stock (IIRC).

I know the weights are comparable, esp. w/ the 2002+ A4s but the chassis
of the A4 is so much better that there really is no comparison, even in
stock class. Once you're in Street Prepared or Street Mod, there's no
you'll keep up given equal drivers. Naturally drivers are the most
component of the equation- an excellent type 44 driver vs. a horrible A4
driver and the results should favor the t44.

Not to sound defeatist, but it really isn't realistic to expect a good
for a type44 vs. an A4. If you're running against S4tts, forget it.

Just to clarify, we're talking about SCCA Solo II, right? I don't know
NASA or other clubs do their classifications. In the M-club autox that I
below, I think my 200 will be in the same class as the S4, but they're
not going
by SCCA regs and they bunch modded cars w/ stock cars, which doesn't
make any sense
at all.


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I'll look further at the rule book I have, but all of those cars I
about are in the same class as the t44, unless i got the abreviated or
sucker rule book.

I was thinking the same thing about the t44 vs A4 in that it'd be tough
competition.  I think we definetly give up something in the cars
but weights are fairly comprable (according to specs on audiworld) and
on that we'd have a power to weight ratio advantage.

Derek P

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>A 5ktq or 200q in stock class would be in G Stock, so yes, you'd be in
>the same class as an A4. S4tt is either A or B stock, not in the same
>Chipped, all of the turbo quattros are in Street Modified.
>There's no way that a type 44 is able to keep up with an A4 in autox,
>given equal drivers. I was struggling to keep up with mediocre A4
>drivers in my 200.
>Type 44s have far too long a wheelbase and are too heavy to autox well.
>Anyone in the NYC metro area, there is an autox this Sunday at the
>Meadowlands held by the M Club- if anyone is interested in going, drop
>me a line.

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