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BTDT recently- the bumper gasket, that is. Mine was cracked and missing
parts from
brittleness due to age. I was able to get it at the dealer for the
princely sum of
approx. $40. Very easy to R&R- rip the old one out, carefully even up
the new one from
side to side and install w/ just enough pressure to secure the snaps-
even the new gasket's
plastic understructure is a bit brittle, so don't flex unnecessarily.

This kind of stuff I'd get from the local dealer, as it would be a pain
to ship w/o damage
and w/o major expense.


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Just wondering about a few things... Where and how is the jack and the
tool bag stored in the sedan.  I was at the drag races this weekend,
emptying out the spare tire, jack and tool bag which are sitting on the
side of the spare tire.  Does it mount underneath the spare?  Could
someone send me a
digital picture on how it should be mounted?   BTW my car weighed
 with an estimated 10 gallons of fuel in it.
I wasn't able to race this weekend, my car either had to run 12.75s or
better or be older than 1972, the guy doing the tech checks didn't
believe it was a 1970 Audi 200 tq.  I told him that Audi was way ahead
of their time...

2nd, anyone replace the rubber front bumper gasket?  The rubber piece
that mounts to the chrome bumper strip below the grill?  Do you have a
price, I have a part number 447 807 668B.(?)

Brian Link
Boulder, CO
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