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Tue Jun 11 14:27:37 EDT 2002


I actually did pretty well, every run my time got better and better; by the
last run if my recollections are correct I'd shaved it down to around 46.7,
and I know I could have gone faster.  Had a couple problems with heel
toeing; I know it sounds lame but my shoes were not the best I could have
been wearing.  Went for the brake pedal and slid off the side of it a couple
of times.  From there I lost a little confidence in my braking on the
critical sections and had to think about braking.  I think 45's are doable
at this point, and maybe even into 44's.

Car's basically stock with only Bilsteins.  Checked my purcahse reciept the
other day and discovered I'm running Sports up front and HD's in back...  If
I'd thought to check before, but seems to work fine.  Tire wise, I'm running
a used set of 215/60 Yokohama AVS S4's (v-rated) I picked up from a lister
last winter.  They're getting pretty slick on the outer edges, but still
work fine.

I ran last year as well, and I'm pretty sure it's the same course.  The
course map looked the same, and comparing average times for comprable cars
this year and last, times look pretty similar.  Last year I was running
225/50 16 Dunlp D40's on 5-star S4 wheels, and my best from this year shaved
about 3 seconds off last years best.  I didn't do such a good job driving
last year, and I'm thinking you don't give up that much in cornering speed
with the 60 series, plus you gain some acceration.

So ya, saw you hovering around the 200; I was standing in the registration
line and figured you'd be around for a while, then I saw you taking off.
Maybe next go around we can play foil to each other.

Good times though in the best PBS way.

Derek P

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>So that was your pearl sedan that I saw when I was leaving after the
>session. I was driving my blue avant in the Street Tire class in the
>morning. I'm curious to know what your times were, and how your car is set
>up. My best time on Sunday was the very slow 48.98. I have been running a
>good 4 seconds off the fast pace for G Stock at the last few autocrosses
>have been trying to figure out if it is my driving, or if it is the car. I
>imagine a big part of it is my driving, but with the fact that I haven't
>seen any other 200s at any of the autocrosses, I haven't had anyone to
>really compare with. Last year I drove a Mazda MX6, which is also in G
>Stock, and I know that it was considerably faster than the 200. I seriously
>doubt the 200 will ever be competitive with the other cars in G Stock, but
>it sure is a blast.
>Dave Priebe
>Kenmore, WA
>91 200tqa 156k his
>95.5 S6 99k hers
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> > Hey all,
> >
> > Did my annual autox refresher to keep my enthusiast card valid.  Went
> > well; happy to say I got better times than the 540i at the same event,
> > my time improved each run.  Hell, I was the fastest in the novice group,
> > it's a good thing all the competition was driving Geo Metro's and Toyota
> > Tercels (actually not entirely true, there were some Hyundai excels as
> > well).
> >
> > Noticed that according to the local rule books, which I believe is based
> > SCCA regs, the 5k and I guess by default the 200 is in the same class as
> > current A4, the 185hp TT, and the S4 (didn't specify which one.  Has
> > been able to be competitive with any of the above?  A 2.8 A4 with racing
> > tires was running about 4 seconds faster than my fastest.
> >
> > dp
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