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Yep bandimare...NA cars run a whole second slower at 5800 ft.  The best I
have run with my old k24 at a max 18 psi of boost was a 15.7, @90 mph (on a
hot day). Anyone else have numbers at sea level to compare?  I was looking
forward to trying out the new turbo at 22+ psi of boost, dreaming high 14's
to low 15's.

Yea the smoke was pretty thick, all the cars are covered with ash.  We got
a little sprinkling of rain last night just enough to turn the ash to mud.
 Our state is still burning, kind of like a 100,000 acre camp fire.


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Bandimere?  We know there's a price to pay for altitude but how
much slower or faster do things get in the now smoky environs of
Denver?  Everyone pray for rain for these folks... they need it bad!
Was out there a few weeks ago and A-Basin had closed before Memeorial
Day!  Epic!


> I wasn't able to race this weekend, my car either had to run 12.75s or
> better or be older than 1972, the guy doing the tech checks didn't
> it was a 1970 Audi 200 tq.  I told him that Audi was way ahead of their
> time...

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