Front brakes drag

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Did you check the pins that the calipers slide on, to make sure they are
well lubed and that the caliper is free to move?


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My brakes have been converted to standard. It's
getting really annoying because the pads get hot and
seem to make a humming noise. I'm still trying to
decide what to do first. I'm going to rebuild the
steering rack. DO you think that will help?
--- Kneale Brownson <knotnook at> wrote:
> UFO's or converted front brakes?
> At 07:00 PM 06/09/2002 -0700, Justin Olson wrote:
> >My front brakes drag lighly all the time. It will
> go
> >away when the steering wheel is turned in certain
> >directions. It will also go away when I apply the
> >brakes softly. It seems to me that it is something
> >wrong with the PS pump or rack. I have a small leak
> >from the ps rack. Could this cause it? It's done it
> >ever since I bought the car 2.5 months abo. Is this
> a
> >common problem?

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