TM t44tq at
Wed Jun 12 01:05:18 EDT 2002

Those classifications are screwy- the SCCA classes make more sense and
make for better parity across the nation.

I don't know if you've autox'ed or driven both cars, but there is no way
that a type 44 is keeping up with an A4 on an autox course. I know that
in SM, our A4 w/ H&R coilovers, stock brakes, chip and exhaust will
my 200, even though I have a 70hp advantage, far better brakes and a
bigger footprint. Simply put, the car weighs 300lbs. less, has much less
turbo lag and a far better chassis overall.

I'm not going to argue w/ you about this- if I had a way to do it, I'd
take both cars to the next autox and run both of them to see what times
I could get w/ the same driver. I know the A4 would win, hands down.

When you take the car to the track, it's different, but autox courses
to be rather tight and are a major disadvantage to the type 44.


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