Emissions Problems

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How about changing the O2 sensor.


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Hi Folks,

I'm back after a long absence. I live in CT, and am having an awful time
getting my car passing emissions. I brought the car in a couple weeks ago,
and failed the test. I took the car to my mechanic, handed him the test
results, and let him have a go. $100 later, new sparkplugs and some minor
adjustments, I immediately took the car to be re-tested. It failed again.

My time to retest without being fined is running out. I phoned my mechanic
tell him the car failed to pass. To my astonishment, he told me he had no
guess as to what the problem is, and I had better take the car to the local
Audi dealer. Trouble is, I hate the local Audi dealer.

To those of you who are emissions savvy, here is what passed, and what

HC: Pass
CO: Fail
NO: Pass (barely)
Catalytic Converter: Pass
Fuel Cap Seal: Pass

I guess I'm just shocked that the guy who's been caring for my cars for four
years is sending me off to the dealer. I plan on looking for another shop,
but any suggestions from the list that could point me in the right direction
would be appreciated.

91 200 20V Q
99k Miles! Oh, and she's for sale
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