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Wed Jun 12 12:54:20 EDT 2002

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I just joined this mailing list because I just got a new (to me) '91 200 TQ
Avant in Indigo Mica (I've corrected my previous error of Lago) with Grey
leather and 114,000 miles.  The body and interior are in excellent shape and
a previous owner had the UFO upgraded to S4 front brakes plus a Hoppen chip.
I've already received congrats from several list members because I also own
a '93 S4 and belong to the S-Car list.  I've include my original post to the
S-Car list as an introduction.

Here's my problem:

There is a leak coming from the Right Rear differential seal.  Is this a
common seal failure or a sign of internal wear that could cost big bucks?

I was looking for a front license plate mount and found one very nearby. But
Dan Simoes mentioned he could also use one.  So the request for a mount is
still needed but send it to Dan (for all his hard work on these lists).

As for the Bilsteins I mentioned below, they are the HD series in good used
shape even though they came from a lowered car.  What an excellent bonus as
the front end needs an alignment anyway.  I couldn't be happier with this
addition to the stable and the wife loves it too.  Maybe now she'll let me
drive "her" car (the S4) more often.  Look forward to getting to know this
list's members over time.  And I suggest we swamp Paul Krasusky's party in
Tolland, CT (8/24) with 200q20v's so those S car owners (like me) know how
good these Audis really are!

------Previous Message-------

I did it!  My older cars were becoming money pits and the wife said replace
them.  And reduce the number of cars on insurance (this is big when you live
in NJ !!).  We should all get so lucky.  So I needed a wagon, reliability
and fun all rolled into one.  I luckily found an excellent condition '91
Audi 200 TQ Avant with 114,000 miles.  Lago [I admit I was wrong] blue (I
think Lago is the dark blue) with Gray leather and an MTM chip.  An almost
perfect body and interior.  The UFO brakes had been upgraded by the factory
at 18,000 miles.  What fun driving it home for 150 miles.  My wife in the
wagon and me in the '93 S4.  The wife's comment was that they are so similar
in power and feel that she didn't miss driving her S4 and the wagon is MUCH
less noticeable.  The true sleeper car.  It's the first time in my life that
I have 3 cars, all able to do 0-60 in approximately 6 seconds each.  And he
threw in a set of Bilsteins, a new brake bomb and some spare rims as a
bonus.  All I need now is to get rid of the old cars.  Pictures to follow

Two things,.. I need a mount for the front license plate.  Anyone got one
available?  Second, what is the Bilstein part number for the rear shocks?
The info I found shows it as the same as our S4/6's.

Dave Freed (I'm in Heaven)

'93 S4 Green/Ecru w/Eibach/Bilstein/Hoppen/Stromung and recent 17" S-03's

'91 200TQW Blue/Grey w/Hoppen chip

'69 Datsun 2000 Yellow/Black w/Competition Parts

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