clarification - I.D. of 034 133 999 F shorty hose

Charles Baer charlie at
Wed Jun 12 11:59:00 EDT 2002

The hose in question is the short one under the back end of the large
black intake tube, it connects the breather pressure valve to the small
metal tube that runs forward.

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> Subject: I.D. of 034 133 999 F shorty hose
> As I expected to be able make it out to SCR this afternoon, the sedan
> naturally decided to blow a hose last night.
> Since I didn't remember to check the diameters of the tube and the
> pressure valve, I was hoping somebody who has this info on hand can
> send it my way so I can pick up a bit of hose today.  Better yet, does
> anybody around Boulder have one they can do without ?
> Thanks,
> Charlie

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