New Member, Not a new Audi owner

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at
Wed Jun 12 11:47:38 EDT 2002

Two comments, Dave.

Audi's "fix" conversion from UFOs to G60s, IMO, was a downgrade, not an
upgrade in braking performance.

Rotary shaft seals:  If a seal is leaking and no other internal symptoms,
shch as bad noises, add a half a can of engine seal restorer the rear end,
and the other half into the tranny.  Of course this works on engine shaft
seals also.  Don't fix it if it ain't broke!


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> Subject: New Member, Not a new Audi owner
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> --
> I just joined this mailing list because I just got a new (to me) '91 200 TQ
> Avant in Indigo Mica (I've corrected my previous error of Lago) with Grey
> leather and 114,000 miles.  The body and interior are in excellent shape and
> a previous owner had the UFO upgraded to S4 front brakes plus a Hoppen chip.
> I've already received congrats from several list members because I also own
> a '93 S4 and belong to the S-Car list.  I've include my original post to the
> S-Car list as an introduction.
> Here's my problem:
> There is a leak coming from the Right Rear differential seal.  Is this a
> common seal failure or a sign of internal wear that could cost big bucks?

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