adding an analog boost gauge

Dan Simoes dans at
Wed Jun 12 15:37:20 EDT 2002

The follow parts, listed on Chris Miller's page, from an early post by
Igor work great. is in NJ and delivered to me next day
without a hitch.

I have removed the center vent from the dash (the middle of the 3
pieces) and the gauge will fit perfectly there, but to run the tubing
and wires to it I will have to somehow make a hole in the airbox behind
the dash, as there is no visible way to get the wires up in there.
Anyone see a way of doing this or any problems?  The hole will be tiny
and I can seal it with silicone once the wires are in, 1/4" hole max.

Parts needed are:

    1EA    51025K241 - Brass Sure-Lok        $4.28 EA
            Instant Tube Fitting Female Pipe
            Adapter, 1/8" Tube OD, 1/8" Pipe

     1EA    51055K143 - Gray Acetal Instant   $2.72 EA
            Tube Fitting Tee, 1/4" Tube OD

     2EA    51055K58 - Gray Acetal Instant    $1.19 EA
            Tube Fitting Barb-To-Stem
            Coupling, 1/4" Tube ID, 1/4"
            Stem OD

     1EA    51025K263 - Brass Sure-Lok        $4.42 EA
            Instant Tube Fitting Stem
            Reducing Coupling, 1/8" Tube OD,
            1/4" Stem OD

     1PK    5388K14 - Worm-Drive Hose Clamp   $3.54 PK
            W/Zinc Pltd Steel Screw 7/32" To
            5/8" Diameter Range, 5/16" Band

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