boost problem clarification

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Wed Jun 12 18:36:54 EDT 2002

Sometimes hot, sometimes not, eh?

Has the wastegate been messed with at all?  When I bought my car the
wastegate cap had been modded for adjustability, but with the screw turned
down too much, it would trip the standard ECU, causing stumbling (fuel
shutoff).  Not the case with the Modded ECU.

Check wires for any deterioration, possible shorting (especially for the
frequency valve).


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> Took a run with Brett at lunchtime, I think this will help clarify:
> 1) Sometimes full boost is not possible, ie only 1.3bar, esp in lower
> gears.  Other times it is normal/high.
> 2) When full boost is attained, it is often hard to hold it.  We saw
> boost stumble after being at 11-12psi for a couple of seconds and cut
> back hard to 7psi.
> Clearly something is affecting boost.  My question - what could be
> telling the computer to cut back or restrict boost?  I know all the
> obvious answers, I just hate having to blindly replace every part.
> Could a knock sensor go bad and not throw a code?
> I will still try swapping WGFV and ECUs perhaps.
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