A Little Rear Caliper Disassembly Question (?)

Gary Anderson wanemardo at attbi.com
Wed Jun 12 22:01:14 EDT 2002

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Son is home from College, doing some maintenance with him (sound familiar?).

Found rear caliper leaking (drips) from the emergency brake shaft.
Have removed the piston with the infamous big allen wrench and am left with the threaded rod centered in the cylinder.
Removed a circlip at the bottom of the cylinder....
So the question is how to finish taking the thing apart?
Everything moves, no binding, bad rust, etc. just leaking the e-brake shaft.

Any suggestions off line will be appreciated.
    BTW, this is a 1988 80q, looks very similar to other son's 4kq brakes.
    (apologies for non 200 dialog here.)

Is this generally a replace/rebuilt caliper situation?

Thanks in advance,
Gary Anderson in Sammamish WA.

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