Oil Pressure Warning Indicator

quattro quattro at lilligdesign.com
Thu Jun 13 09:57:09 EDT 2002

The oil pressure warning indicator used to come on just
every once and awhile which used to really freak me out.
The oil pressure guage always indicated oil pressure and
oil level was always ok.
Now it comes and goes all the time. When I start the car I
get the OK symbol, but after a couple of minutes I get three
beeps with the dripping oil can symbol. After a minute or so
it goes away. OIl pressure guage always showing excellent
oil pressure. Sometimes I can go for days without the
Is this an oil pressure sending unit malfunction--the one by
the oil filter? Should I be more concerned? Car continues
to run perfectly and this has been going on for a couple of

Don Lillig
Kansas City
91 200tq20v
89 200t
72 911T

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