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Thu Jun 13 09:40:14 EDT 2002

So, you've lived with your free brake downgrade for how many years, because
you may at some point in the future spring for an expensive brake upgrade,
which is now available for the UFO system also?


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> Oh, and another plus of going with the G60 free swapout is that not only
> do you get a new front braking system, and struts, but you also get a
> cheaper / more hassle-free upgrade path to Porsche brakes.  All that for
> free.
> Chris
> '91 200q20v
> On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> Chris,  In 100K I've spent a whole $65. (too much, I admit) for new pads for
>> my UFOs, that's all.  So, the G60s were a free downgrade!  Was that good?
>> Even if it was $2K worth of downgrade parts.
>> Bernie
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>>> Bernie, not everyone has as fat a wallet as yours and likes to afford the
>>> more expensive maintenance on the UFOs vs. the G60s.  So when the G60s
>>> were a free switchout, and came with free new hardware (incl. new struts,
>>> pads, rotors, calipers, etc. - those all add up to some serious $$$
>>> saved) vs. however many miles one had on their UFOs and the other
>>> associated components, I didn't have a problem with that.
>>> I guess if I had the fat wallet syndrome and liked to spend more like
>>> you, then I'd be fine with keeping the UFOs, worn struts, pads, etc.  But
>>> I don't.
>>> Chris
>>> '91 200q20v
>>> On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Bernie Benz wrote:
>>>> Not suprising.  I've always been a proponent of UFOs vs. G60s because of
>>>> the
>>>> 15% braking torque UFO advantage due to its larger rotor diameter, piston
>>>> area remains the same.  Paying for a real upgrade in braking torque and
>>>> heat
>>>> capacity, as you are planning, can possibably be justified but paying for,
>>>> or even allowing Audi to to so to you for a down grade is beyoud my
>>>> comprehension.
>>>> Bernie
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>>>>> Subject: RE: New Member, Not a new Audi owner
>>>>> I find that your opinion of the UFO "upgrade" is surprising.  Ultimately
>>>>> the
>>>>> UFO's are better but very few people can get them to brake smoothly and
>>>>> consistently.  And parts (and labor) are VERY expensive.  That's why it
>>>>> was
>>>>> changed under warranty.  I'm not happy with the brakes on my S4 either but
>>>>> when I used new rotors and pads both front and rear, I got a firm pedal
>>>>> with
>>>>> fairly strong stopping power.  I just wouldn't trust them at the track.
>>>>> But
>>>>> that's why the S4 will be getting the Big Reds when the budget will allow
>>>>> it.  The 200TQW will probably remain mostly stock.
>>>>> Dave
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>>>>> Two comments, Dave.
>>>>> Audi's "fix" conversion from UFOs to G60s, IMO, was a downgrade, not an
>>>>> upgrade in braking performance.
>>>>> Rotary shaft seals:  If a seal is leaking and no other internal symptoms,
>>>>> shch as bad noises, add a half a can of engine seal restorer the rear end,
>>>>> and the other half into the tranny.  Of course this works on engine shaft
>>>>> seals also.  Don't fix it if it ain't broke!
>>>>> Bernie
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>>>>>> --
>>>>>> I just joined this mailing list because I just got a new (to me) '91 200
>>>>> TQ
>>>>>> Avant in Indigo Mica (I've corrected my previous error of Lago) with Grey
>>>>>> leather and 114,000 miles.  The body and interior are in excellent shape
>>>>> and
>>>>>> a previous owner had the UFO upgraded to S4 front brakes plus a Hoppen
>>>>> chip.
>>>>>> I've already received congrats from several list members because I also
>>>>> own
>>>>>> a '93 S4 and belong to the S-Car list.  I've include my original post to
>>>>> the
>>>>>> S-Car list as an introduction.
>>>>>> Here's my problem:
>>>>>> There is a leak coming from the Right Rear differential seal.  Is this a
>>>>>> common seal failure or a sign of internal wear that could cost big bucks?
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