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Dave, et al:

The Bentley manual has a few pages that discuss dealing with UFO braking

Both the wagons display opposite ends of the UFO performance spectrum
- the 168 kmile Indigo Mica wagon's UFOs work wonderfully, not pulsing

-the 170 kmile Titan grey wagon has brand spankin' new UFOS and pads,
courtesy of the previous owner
(I have the invoice $448 for rotors.  OUCH!)
Braking behavior is best described as violent - the steering wheel moves
back and forth with great prejudice.

My next move is to try a spare set of front lower control arms with new
  - an area which Bentley and Audi advised as being a potential problem.


At 01:03 PM 6/13/2002 -0400, Freed, David (Exchange) wrote:
>Wow, you guys slag each other as much as they do on the S-Car list.  I feel
>at home here.
>I must congratulate Bernie on the record for cheapest UFO brake maintenance
>costs I've ever seen.  I can't even do that well with my G60's.  Never even
>a rotor replaced or warped?  I'd never want to upgrade if I could do that.
>I had to replace all 4 rotors on my last S4 brake job at 80,000 miles.  4
>cross-drilled rotors and Mintex pads was about $325 plus my time.
>The reason these got upgraded at 18,000 miles is the dealer couldn't stop
>the major amount of brake pulsing from (I assume) warped rotors.  The dealer
>should know how to make them work and couldn't.  So much for dealer
>capabilities (No one here looks surprised at that).  Yes the conversion to
>Big Reds is now available for UFO's but they aren't much more expensive than
>the S4 struts.  It's just plain expensive to go Big Reds.  Worth it but
>costly.  And even good UFO's don't hold a candle to Porsche Turbo brakes.
>If only Audi put that quality on our cars originally. Can anyone say RS6 - 8
>piston calipers on all Audis.  Then call AoA and convince them.  And the RS6
>could get Big Yellow ceramic brakes as stock.  Audi brakes have always been
>their weak point, especially with the engine hanging so far out front.

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